Good jobs and affordable health care. The ability to marry the person we love and start our families when we want. Not being buried under piles of student loan debt. Earning the same amount as men for the same work.

This is the world we want, and it’s the world we’ve been fighting for.

But all of this is at stake. In an instant, our future will be in jeopardy if we allow Donald Trump to be elected president.

We have a choice this November. We can stay home and let our future be decided for us, or we can go to the polls and vote for our values that hang in the balance.

If we vote, we’re not just shutting down the most racist, sexist, hateful candidate of our lifetime, we’re speaking up for those who don’t have the ability. We’re creating better futures for ourselves, our families, and people we care about. So let’s get to work.









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